Dec.18, 2017

Kelly Marnoch and his Carberry team consisting of Bart Witherspoon, Branden Jorgensen and Chris Cameron made the home town fans happy when they won the King Spud Classic this past weekend.  The final game was a back and forth battle with Sean Grassie.  After giving up a steal of 1 in the opening end Marnoch would take 3.  After forcing Grassie to a single in the 3rd they would take 2 more in the 4th to lead 5-2.  Grassie would respond with 2 in the 5th to narrow the gap but Marnoch would restore the 3 point lead the next end.  With last rock in the 7th end Grassie would make a double to score 3 and tie the game.  In the final end Marnochs team had shot stone behind a center guard.  Grassie would attempt to run his stone in but just missed leaving Marnochs team sitting 1 and not having to throw the last rock.  Team Marnoch picks up $2500 for the win.  Grassie and his team won $1750 and also earn a spot in the Viterra Championship as Marnoch has their spot already.

The semi finalist each won $1000 this weekend.  They were the Braden Calvert and Jordan Smith teams.  Trevor Loreth, Steve Irwin, Richard Muntain and Jerry Chudley were the quarter finalists.  Each team pockets $600 and gets a jump on the 2018 points race.




The MCT Tour Championship took place this past weekend at East St Paul Curling Club.  Kerri Einarson and Shannon Birchard would find themselves in the final Sunday night.  Birchard along with Nicole Sigvaldason, Sheyna Andries and Mariah Mondor would score a single in the 1st end.  Einarson would score 1 in the 2nd end and steal 1 more in the 3rd end.  Birchard would tie it in the 4th.  The lead continues to trade hands as Einarson scores another single in the 5th end to go up 3-2.  Birchard would score the only 2 of the game in the 6th end to re gain the lead.  After forcing Einarson to 1 in the 7th the game was tied 4-4 going to the last end.  With Einarson sitting 1 behind a guard Birchard would draw to the 4 foot with her last stone to win the Tour Championship.  The win gets them $2000 and they finish the year 2nd on Kristi Greens MCT Rankings.  Einarson and her team won $1500 and move into 3rd.

Darcy Robertson and Rhonda Varnes each made a semi final this weekend.  Each team earns $1000 for their strong play.  Robertson remains on top of the rankings to close the season out while Varnes moves into 4th.  The quarter finalists were Barb Spence (6th) and Beth Peterson (8th).  They each take home $500 for qualifying.

Shannon Birchard and Darcy Robertson each earn Berths into the 2018 Manitoba Scotties.



Dec.12, 2017

On the mens side the final came down to Jason Gunnlaugson and Team Pat Simmons.  Team Simmons opened the scoring with a single point.  Gunnlaugson and his team of Alex Forrest, Ian McMillan and Connor Njegovan would blank the 2nd end and tie the game in the 3rd.  They would take a 2-1 lead after stealing in the 4th end.  Team Simmons would score the first deuce of the game in the 5th and re take the lead.  They would stretch the lead to 2 with a steal in the 6th end.  Gunnlaugson would score 2 in the 7th to tie it up.  In the 8th with his last rock Gunnlaugson would draw back 8 behind center guards leaving Team Simmons a draw for the win.  It would slide an inch too far and Gunnlaugson would steal the win and   the $2000 first prize.  They finish the season 5th on Gord Greens MCT Rankings.  Team Simmons takes home $1500 and ends the season ranked 11th.

Semi finalist William Lyburn and Dennis Bohn each pick up $1000 and finish the year ranked 1st and 2nd respectively.  The quarter finalists this weekend pocket $500 each.  They were David Bohn (3rd), Braden Calvert (4th), JT Ryan (6th) and Jordan Smith (10th).

Jason Gunnlaugson, William Lyburn and Dennis Bohn each earn a berth into the 2018 Viterra Championship.



Dec.5, 2017

The Integrity Stakes wrapped up last night at the Thistle Curling Club.  Andrew Hunt along with Dillon Bednarek, Mitch Einarson, and Bryan Galbraith filling in for Jeff MacMillan would meet William Lyburns team in the final.  Both teams came through the C side to qualify for the playoffs.  Starting the final with hammer Hunt was forced to take a single.  Lyburn would blank the 2nd and 3rd ends before scoring 2 in the 4th to take the lead.  Hunt and company wouldnt be behind for long as they scored 2 the following end to reclaim the lead.  They would steal 1 in the 6th to go up 4-2.  Team Lyburn would score 2 in the 7th end to tie the match again.  With hammer coming home and the score tied Hunts team would score a single and claim their first win.  Hunt takes home $1300 for the win and makes a huge jump from 30th to 15th on Gord Greens MCT Rankings.  Lyburns team pockets $900 and also climbs the rankings into 5th overall.

The semi finalist each won $750 and were both teams that qualified through the A side.  JT Ryan, who has now moved into 3rd place, and Tanner Lott, who remains in the 6th spot heading into the Tour Championship.  Hayden Forrester (12) and Tyler Drews (20) were the quarter finalists this weekend and both teams earned $550 for qualifying.

Next up is the Tour Championship at East St Paul.  16 mens teams and 12 womens teams will be competing for provincial berths and the title of MCT Tour Champ.  The action gets underway this Friday at 9am.



Nov.29, 2017

Barb Spencer and her team of Katie Spencer, Holly Spencer and Allyson Spencer made the Sunova Spiel their first event win of the season.  In the final game team Spencer would play Rhonda Varnes.  Spencer starting with hammer would score 2 in the 1st end and would have the lead the entire game.  After Varnes was forced to a single in the 2nd end Spencer would put 3 on the board to take a 5-1 lead.  Varnes would narrow the gap by scoring a single in the 4th end.  With the hammer again Spencer would deliver the final blow scoring 3 more to make it 8-2.  With the win team Spencer vaults into 7th on Kristi Greens MCT Rankings and picks up $2600.  Varnes and her team have moved into 6th and earns $1800.

Shannon Birchard now sits in 5th place while Tiffany McLean moves into 8th after their teams semi final showings.  Each team gets $1200.  Quarter finalists were Darcy Robertson, who remains on top of the rankings, Briane Meilleur (2), Jennifer Clark-Rouire (3), and Terry Ursel (16).  For qualifying these teams pocket $800.

The next event for the women will be the tour championship held at East St Paul Dec.8-10.  Invitations have been sent out and the draw will be out shortly.



Nov.29, 2017

The Sunova Spiel at East St Paul welcomed 16 mens teams from Manitoba, USA, and Scotland this past weekend.  The result was one we have got used to seeing.  David Bohn and his team of Justin Richter, Tyler Forrest and Bryce McEwen going 6-0 to claim their 3rd title of the season.  In the final Bohn would come up against Travis Bale, another undefeated rink.  After a blank in the 1st end Bale would steal singles in 2 and 3 to go up 2-0.  Bohns team would take 3 and the lead in the 4th end.  The back and forth battle continued as Bale would take the lead back again, scoring 2 in the 5th to go up 4-3.  Bohn would then blank both the 6th and 7th ends and remain 1 down coming home with hammer.  They would score 3 points for the 6-4 victory.  With the win Bohn moves into 3rd on Gord Greens MCT Rankings and wins $2600.  Bale is now in 5th and takes home $1800.

Semi finalist were Braden Calvert and Joey Witherspoon.  Calvert has now taken top spot alone in the rankings while Witherspoon moves into 12th.  Each team picks up $1200.  Pete Fenson, Cameron Bryce, JT Ryan and Riley Smith were the quarter finalist teams this weekend.  JT remains in 4th place overall while Smith climbs into the 11th spot.  For qualifying each team takes home $800.

Up this weekend for the men is the Thistle Integrity Stakes.  Its the last event teams can earn points at to qualify for the tour championship.



Nov.21, 2017

The Dekalb Superspiel had 16 womens teams compete this weekend.  After the final match Penny Barker and her team from Moose Jaw remained unbeaten.  Barker along with Deanna Doig, Lorraine Schneider and Danielle Sicinski went a perfect 6-0 on their way to the championship.  The final saw them get off to a fast start as they scored 2 in the opening end on Briane Meilleur.  Meilleur would answer back with a 2 in the 3rd to tie the game.  The 4th end was a huge turning point as team Barker scored 4 to take a commanding lead with 4 ends to play.  Meilleur and her team refused to quit and would score 1 in the 5th followed up by a steal of 2 in the 7th and another steal in the 8th to force an extra end.  Both teams played extra ends in the semi final matches so it was only fitting this one would take extras as well.  Pennys team would score the single for the 7-6 win.  Barkers team won $7000 and Meilleurs team won $3600 and moves to 3rd on Kristi Greens season long MCT points list.

The semi finalists this weekend each got $2150 and they were Ashley Howard and Darcy Robertson.  Robertson continues to stretch her lead on the points list.

The quarter finalist this weekend were Rhonda Varnes (8), Tiffany McLean (9), Alyssa Calvert (14), and Hayley Bergman (16).  Each team pockets $1400 for their efforts this weekend.

The Sunova Spiel is next up for the ladies at East St.Paul curling club this weekend.  Its the last event to earn points before the tour championship.



Nov.21, 2017

The 10th annual Dekalb Superspiel was held this past weekend.  The mens field had 24 teams in it and after the final Monday evening Dylan Johnston and his northern Ontario rink, Mike Badiuk, Cody Johnston, Travis Showalter, would complete the perfect weekend going 6-0 to win $10,000.  The would meet Yannick Schwaller in the final.  After blanks in the 1st and 2nd ends Johnston was forced to a single in the 3rd.  Schwaller would score 2 in the 4th to take his only lead of the final.  After taking 2 in the 5th end Johnstons team would steal 1 in the 7th to go up 4-2.  They would run the Schwaller rink out of stones for the title.  Schwaller and his team earned $5500 for making the final.

Semi Finalists were the Sean Grassie and Hayden Forrester teams.  They each pick up $3000.  Grassie now moves into 5th on Gord Greens season long MCT points list while Forrester makes a big jump into 11th.

Teams making the quarter finals each won $2000.  They were Cameron Bryce from Scotland, Braden Calvert, Daley Peters and Kyle Foster.  Calvert is now tied on top of the points list with Dennis Bohn while Peters sits in 17th and Foster is 22nd.

Only 2 events remain before the top 16 teams play the tour championships so the points are valuable.  This weekend is the Sunova Spiel held at East St.Paul curling club.


Nov.14, 2017

Rossmere Curling Club was hosting the FGI Mens Bonspiel and had 22 teams come out.  Pete Fenson and Todd Birr would bring up their teams from the states and Dean Dunstone had his national mixed team entered as well.  Those rinks all would make the playoffs but in the end it was Dennis Bohn and his team of Niel Kitching, Kennedy Bird, Daniel Hunt that would come out on top.  They would grind through the C side on Sunday and win their 2nd event of the year over Tanner Lott in the final.  With the win they pick up $2700 and take over top spot on Gord Greens MCT Rankings.  Lotts team continues their solid play and takes home $1700 for making the final.  They move into 4th spot in the rankings.

The semi finalists each earn $1100 and they were Sean Grassie and Riley Smith.  They now find themselves in 9th and 11th overall. Fenson, Birr and Dunstone were joined by Travis Bale in the quarter finals this weekend.  Each team pocketed $600 for making the playoffs.  Bale and his team find themselves in 8th spot in the rankings.

Next up for the teams is the Dekalb Superspiel in Morris.  It takes place Nov.17-20.


Nov.6, 2017

This years MCT Tour Championship will be held at East St.Paul curling club Dec.8-10.  Draws will run from 9am Friday morning to the final played Sunday evening.  The top 12 womens teams and 16 mens teams will be invited.  If invites are turned down we will invite the next team until the draw is filled.  There will be a $400 entry fee for this event.  If your team knows for sure if they want to play or dont want to play please send an email to twissjustin@gmail.com.

For teams that miss out on the Tour Championship but still want to play that weekend the Sask Curl Tour has said they have an event that is looking for entries.  The Farmers Edge SCT Superspiel will run as a 16 team event with a purse of over $12,000.  Entry fee is $600 but junior teams will have a $300 entry.  This event is played at the Wadena Curling Club.  To enter or for more information please contact wadenacc@gmail.com or 306-338-9632.



Rossmere curling club was hosting 12 womens teams this weekend in the 1st running of the FGI womens bonspiel.  The teams were split into 2 pools of 6 and after round robin play Beth Peterson (4-1) and Jennifer Clark-Rouire (5-0) had earned byes into the semi final matches.  Katie Chappellaz and her team from Brandon finished round robin play at 3-2 and would defeat Cheryl Reed in the QF before taking down team JCR in the semis.  Peterson, on the other side of the bracket, would beat Maureen Bonar in the semis to earn a spot in the final. At the mid way point of the final Chappellaz would lead 2-1 after taking 2 in the 4th end.  Peterson would answer back with a 2 in the 5th then force Chappellaz to a single in the 6th end to tie the game.  In the 7th team Chappellaz stole 1 after Peterson was unable to make a triple takeout.  The final end had lots of rocks in play and on Petersons first shot she made a hit and roll to lie 2 behind the guards.  This forced Chappellaz to play a run back and after she was only able to remove 1 stone Peterson had to draw the 8 foot for the win and the $2000 prize.  Team Peterson moves into 5th spot on Kristi Greens MCT rankings.  Team Chappellaz takes home $1200 and now sits in 10th.

Jennifer Clark-Rouire is in 3rd on the rankings list while Bonar is now 15th after their season debut.  Each team picks up $800.  The 2 quarter finalist this weekend were Meghan Armit and Cheryl Reed.  They move into 16th and 17th in the rankings.



This year was the 1st Atkins Curling Supplies Mens Classic and was won by David Bohn, Justin Richter, Tyler Forrest and Bryce McEwen.  Bohn was also last weeks winner and just like last week the final was played against Jordan Smith.  Team Bohn had hammer to start the final and after a blank they were forced to a single in the 2nd.  After a steal in the 3rd Bohn would force Smith to a single in the 4th end.  Taking 1 in the 5th increased the lead to 3-1.  Smith with hammer blanked 6 and would score 2 in the 7th to tie the game.  After a well played 8th end and a good last rock by team Smith, Bohn was left with an in off his own rock to knock Smith out of the 4 foot.  That shot locked up the teams 2nd event win in a row and moves them up to 6th on Gord Greens MCT Rankings.  They also pick up $2000.  Team Smith takes home $1500 and is now 7th in the rankings.

Dennis Bohn and Tanner Lott continued their good play this weekend by making semi finals.  Each team earns $1050.  Bohn moves up to 5th in the rankings while Lott is now 8th. JT Ryan, now in 2nd in the rankings, Riley Smith (18), Julien Leduc (20), Hayden Forrester (22) were the quarter finalist and each won $800 for making the playoffs.



The Atkins Curling Supplies Classic took place this weekend at the AMCC and by Monday afternoon it was down to 2 teams.  Both teams had gone 5-0 to this point so something had to give.  The game between Darcy Robertson and Barb Spencer would come down to last rock.  Robertson, supported by Karen Klein, Vanessa Foster and Theresa Cannon would start the final with hammer and would blank the opening 2 ends before taking 2 in the 3rd end.  They would follow it up with a steal in the 4th.  Spencer wouldnt stop fighting and after a force in the 6th they would get a deuce of their own to close the gap to a single point.  The last end had lots of rocks in play and with her last rock Spencer drew to the back 4 forcing Robertson to follow it down for the win.  She would nudge up to the stone back 4 for the win and earn $2500 as well as the top spot on Kristi Greens MCT Rankings.  Team Spencer won $1800 and moved up to 7th spot.

Tiffany McLean and Beth Peterson had semi final exits this weekend.  For their teams strong play they each take home $1250 and move into 12th and 10th place respectively. Quarter Finalist each won $800 and were Jennifer Clark-Rouire (4), Briane Meilleur (6), Lisa Menard (11), and Tori Koana of Japan.



David Bohn and his team of Justin Richter, Tyler Forrest and Bryce McEwen kept their streak of seasons with a win going by claiming the MCT Mens Classic this past weekend.  They went a perfect 5-0 and won $2000.  By qualifying out of the A side they had a bye into the SF where they beat JT Ryan in an extra end.  In the final they would meet Jordan Smith.  After a defensive start to the game it was 2-1 after 4 ends.  Bohn manged to steal 1 in the 5th end and force Smith to a single in the 6th.  Facing 3 in the 7th end Bohn hit and stuck for his point and was up 4-2.  Bohn and company would run Smith out of rocks in the final end.  With the win they find themselves making a huge jump to 9th spot on Gord Greens MCT Rankings.  For making the final team Smith won $1500 and moved up the rankings to 13th.

JT Ryan and Braden Calvert each made a semi final and add $1250 to their bank accounts.  With the SF appearance Calvert takes over top spot in the rankings while JT Ryan sits in 4th. Dennis Bohn and Sean Grassie were the 2 teams that made quarter finals this weekend.  Each team takes home $1000 and valuable points.  Grassie improves to 10th while Dennis Bohn is now in 6th spot.





The MCT Womens Classic saw Team Joelle Brown pick up their 1st win of the year.  Coleen Kilgallen was filling in and along with Sue Baleja, Natalie Claude and Carlene Strand they manged to get into the playoffs through the C Side.  They kept picking up steam beating Katie Chappellaz in the QF and Jennifer Clark-Rouire in the SF.  In the finals they came up against Shannon Birchards team.  After team Brown took an early lead they added to it with a big steal of 4 in the 3rd end.  Team Birchard tried to apply pressure and close the gap with steals of 1 in the 6th and 7th ends.  In the final end team Brown had an open hit for the win.  The win moves team Brown into 7th on the Kristi Green MCT Rankings and they also pick up $1800.  Team Birchard won $1400 for making the finals and they now find themselves in 4th spot.

Jennifer Clark-Rouire and her team made a semi final exit this weekend.  They are in 5th spot and take home $1000.  The quarter finalist was Katie Chappellaz.  They pocket $800 and move into 10th spot on the rankings. The next event is the Atkins Curling Supplies Classic and it kicks off this Friday night at AMCC.





12 teams entered the weekend with hopes of walking away as champion but at the end Dennis Bohn and his team of Neil Kitching, Kennedy Bird, Daniel Hunt took home the title and the $1,300 winners prize.  Bohn started off by loosing the opening game then rattled off 5 straight wins.  In the final they beat Travis Bale and his previously unbeaten team 5-3.  Team Bohn moves up to 8th place on the Gord Green MCT Rankings.  Bale went 3-0 in pool play and earned a direct spot in the semi finals.  For making the final they pick up $1,000 and enough points to slide into 5th spot.

JT Ryan and his team made another semi final this past weekend.  They take home $750 and are now in 4th spot overall.  Joey Witherspoon and his new team played their first event of the season and made a semi final as well. Braden Calvert and Tanner Lott both made the quarter finals.  Each team pockets $600.  Calvert remains in 3rd spot while Lott moves up to 7th. This weekend is the Man Curl Classic at the Thistle for both women and mens teams.  The games start Friday at 6pm.



The Motherclub fall classic took place this past weekend at the Granite curling club.  12 womens teams played and when the dust settled it was a finals showdown between defending champ Michelle Englot and recent tier 2 winner Kerri Einarson.  Both teams had advanced straight into the semi finals after strong records in their pools.  In the final Einarson had the lead until a steal in the 6th end tied the game.  A deuce back in the 7th left Englot down 2 coming home.  Englot, along with Kate Cameron, Leslie Wilson, and Raunora Westcott would score 3 coming home with the hammer to defend their championship from a year ago.  With the win team Englot moves into 2nd on the Kristi Green MCT womens rankings and takes home $2,000.  Einarson and her team picked up $1,300 and enough points to remain on top of the rankings.

Semi finalists this weekend each took home $850.  They were Darcy Robertson and Briane Meilleur.  They are now ranked 3rd and 4th in the season long points race. Kristy Watling and Jennifer Clark Rouire each had solid weekends that resulted in quarter final showings.  Both teams earned $500 and slide into 7th place on the MCT rankings.

Next up for the womens teams is the Man Curl Classic held at the Thistle Oct.6-9.




20 mens teams showed up to play the Motherclub fall classic this past weekend.  The final was a showdown between 2 undefeated rinks.  Pat Simmons and Jason Gunnlaugson both went 4-0 in their pools.  Simmons beat Daniel Birchard and JT Ryan to make the final while Gunnlaugson beat Tanner Lott and Willy Lyburn.  Gunnlaugson along with Alex Forrest, Ian McMillan, Connor Njegovan scored 3 in the 3rd end to go ahead by 2.  Simmons and team wouldnt go away scoring 2 in the 5th to tie the game.  After a single in 6 and a blank in 7 Simmons was down 1 coming home with hammer.  Gunnlaugson would steal 1 and win the game.  They earned $2,500 and move into 2nd place on the Gord Green MCT rankings.  Simmons and team won $1,800 and are now ranked 4th in points.

Willy Lyburn and JT Ryan each made the semi finals and pick up $1,250.  Lyburn now moves into top spot on the rankings while JT moves up to 6th spot. Quarter finalists each pocket $800 and they were Travis Bale, Daniel Birchard, Richard Muntain, and Tanner Lott.  Team Bale is in 8th spot overall whit the other teams move up to 9th.

Next up for the men is the KKP Classic this weekend at Fort Rouge curling club.



Sept.13, 2017

As we reach the mid point of September the MCT events are about to kick into high gear. Several events are seeing more teams start to get their entries in. The KKP Classic at Fort Rouge is just around the corner. Currently they are at 13 teams and would like to get 24. To enter visit the events page for details or contact mblanchard@nscons.ca. To avoid missing out on this event or any other get entries in soon as last season most events ended up with waiting lists.


Aug.30, 2017 This past weekend was the opening event of the MCT season.  The Spider Performance Icebreaker was held at the Granite and had 12 mens teams and 10 womens teams kick the season off.  On the womens side Kerri Einarson and her team of Selena Kaatz, Liz Fyfe, Kristen MacCuish finished the round robin at 3-1 and earned a direct spot in the semi final game.  After beating team Varnes, avenging an earlier loss to them,  they met team Robertson in the final.  Scoring 3 in the 4th and 7th ends would go along way to securing a 9-5 win and a payday of $2100. Darcy Robertson also had the direct berth into the semi finals with a 3-1 record.  For making the final they take home $1500.

The 2 semi finalist won $890 each.  They were team Shannon Birchard and Rhonda Varnes.  Michelle Englot and her team won $640 for finishing 5th.

Up next is the Motherclub fall classic held at the Granite.  It takes place Sept.21-24.


Aug.30, 2017

Team Calvert was missing skip Braden but Kyle Kurz stepped up and led the team to their first win of the year.  Robbie Gordon filled in all weekend and after loosing the opening game Team Calvert rattled off 5 straight wins.  Calverts team knocked off Craig Brown in the quarters, Jason Gunnlaugson in the semis and in the final they scored an impressive 8-4 win over John Shuster.  A 4 spot in the 4th end was the turning point and allowed Team Calvert to cash in.  They received $2200 for winning. Team Shuster qualified out of the A side and earned $1500 for making the finals.

The 2 other A side qualifiers were Jason Gunnlaugson and William Lyburn.  Both teams lost in the semi finals and put $1000 in their pockets.  Sean Grassie and Craig Brown each picked up $700 for making the quarter finals.

Up next is the Motherclub fall classic held at the Granite. It takes place Sept.21-24.


Aug.16, 2017

After a busy summer, with the first event of the new season coming up next weekend, we would like to update everyone with what’s in store this year for the MCT.  There are some new events for both women’s and men’s teams this 2017 season.  Many thanks go out to the organizers and clubs that are able to run these events.  Hopefully we can fill them and keep the growing the tour.  Check out the events page to enter your team – they will fill up fast!  There are 8 women’s events plus a fall and spring berth this season. For the men, there are 12 events along with a fall and spring berth.  We are looking to add an event in February or March before the spring berths take place – more information to come on this. The Men’s King Spud Classic in Carberry is returning to the MCT.  It will be held Dec. 15-17 and will have a berth into the 2018 Viterra Championship for the highest finishing eligible team. We are currently working on finding a place to host the Tour Championships.  The Championship will award 2 women’s and 3 men’s provincial berths.  This is the same as last season.  Each team’s best 5 events will count towards your season total. Various teams have requested the points summary be emailed and posted on the site every week – we will implement this.  If you have not received any emails from the MCT and would like to get our communication, please send us your email address to be added to our list.


Apr. 20, 2017

The Manitoba Curling Tour (MCT) is now actively seeking a new title sponsor for the 2017-18 curling season.  The former MCT title sponsor, MLCC, has decided to move its support elsewhere.  The title sponsors and all other funding is used to top-up prize payouts for the numerous Tour events, as well as paying for fees at Curling Clubs that host these events. If you have any sponsor contacts in mind for the Tour, please reach out to us!  All sponsors are promoted throughout the season on the MCT website, through event signage, and through social media.  Additionally, If you have other thoughts on ways to promote our sponsors, we would love to hear your ideas.

  2017/18 Schedule

Mar. 6, 2017

Hello Curlers, sponsors, fans, event hosts We are currently working on the schedule for next season.  There will be an email sent when the schedule is done and also it will be posted on this site.  Please check back in the next month or so for more information.