The schedule has been posted above for Women’s and Men’s events this upcoming season.  The start and end dates are subject to change however the weekends should be set. You can download the tentative schedule here for now, and under 2019/2020 the individuals event details are posted.


Teams wishing to collect MCT points this season to vie for an MCT berth in December must pay their team fee MCT PRIOR to November 1, 2019.  Teams must also register their 4 or 5-person team on the World Curling Tour.  The MCT fee is $10/player (4-person team = $40, if you register an alternate with WCT the 5-person team fee = $50). 

Fees can be paid to the MCT via mailed cheque or e-transfer.  Please email Lisa: vp@mancurltour.ca or e-transfers to LEESAHHH@gmail.com.

**MCT Fee’s and Payment for entry in the ManCurlTour Championship**
– Mail your cheques payable to “Manitoba Curling Tour” and to Curtis Atkins (MCT President) : 4 Tain Bay,  Winnipeg, MB, R2K 2T6
– Alternatively, if you are in the St. Vital area and prefer to drop off a cheque or payment, please e-mail Lisa vp@mancurltour.ca to make arrangements.
– You may include both team fee and entry fee together on one cheque.

Teams may still participate in MCT events without paying the season fee if they do not wish to earn MCT points.


The MCT would like if all teams could compete in accordance to a few simple rules:

SPARES: All teams must have 3 out of 5 registered team members in order to be eligible for MCT and CTRS points

COIN TOSS: For MCT Events this season (The Classic, and Championship) coin toss will determine choice of practice (first or second) OR rock color. First practice will be thrown clockwise and second practice will be thrown counter clockwise.  Practice will be 4 rocks away and 4 rocks back and will be followed by a draw to the button (measured) for hammerIf the last stone draw is not measurable, a different player must then attempt LSD also with sweeping.

We will confirm any changes in COIN TOSS rules in playoff rounds prior to the first MCT-run event once the event’s format is confirmed. 


Similar to last year, MCT will us the same point’s calculations as the World Curling Tour for qualifying teams that is generally updated on their website by Wednesday of each week.  Teams that do not qualify for a playoff round will receive 1 point per win up to the playoff round.   Each team’s points will be reviewed prior to the MCT Championship as from time-to-time the WCT must re-calculate an events points and we will follow suit. 

MCT points ranking system will include a team’s top 5 events

Once we are able to create a point’s blog, we will send notifications to subscribers with a weekly update.


We will be looking for volunteers at our Classic and Championship events to enter live line scores during each game.  If you would like to come out and watch some curling, or will already be there, we will set you up with a computer and a quick crash-course on how to enter the line-scores!  Please e-mail Lisa vp@mancurltour.ca to sign-up. 


If you have any further inquiries, please reach out to an MCT representative: Curtis Atkins (president@mancurltour.ca) or Lisa McLeod (vp@mancurltour.ca).